7 JULY 1866, Page 3

The effect of Prussian victories already begins to be felt

in the constitutional conflict. The Berliners cheered their King most heartily on his departure for the war, and gave Count Bismark a regular " ovation," while the elections show that the strength of the Fortschritt party will be sensibly diminished. The latest official returns show 143 Conservatives, 16 Catholics, G5 belonging to the Left Centre, 74 of the " Progress" party, 21 Poles, and 4 uncertain, who may be accepted, the return being official, as Liberals of some kind. The Catholics usually vote with the Con- servatives, and allowing the whole of the Left Centre to the

Liberals, the result, without the Poles, will be—

Conservatives 159 Liberals 143 Majority for Bismark 16 The 21 Poles can change this into a minority of five, but the Government can make great offers to the Poles, and has all the advantage of its enormous patronage. This will probably be the last session of the Parliament of Prussia, which must now merge in a Parliament of Germany.