7 JULY 1883, Page 1

On Tuesday night, an hour or more was wasted owing

to the unseemly behaviour of Lord Randolph Churchill, Sir Henry Wolff, and Mr. Gorst, who on their return to the evening sitting wanted to insist on the re-reading of an amended clause which had already been re-read (soon after ten o'clock) before these gentlemen and their friends thought fit to revisit the House. Even their own party were forced to condemn their behaviour, and to point out that if every gentleman who returned late to the House insisted on having an amended clause re-read for his own behoof, no progress with a Bill could possibly be made. Lord Randolph Churchill, Sir H. Wolff, and Mr. Gorst forfeited completely on this occasion the sympathy even . of extreme partisans of the Tory party like Mr. Chaplin. Discreditable pertinacity of this sort. ought to be be both punishable and punished.