7 JULY 1883, Page 2

The l'istes has published a summary of Lord Randolph Churchill's

evidence against the Khedive. With the exception of one item, it amounts to very little. The exception is that Tewfik Khedive is said, on "reliable authority," to have for- warded to Omar Lutfi, Governor of Alexandria, just before the outbreak of June 11th, a telegram couched in these words : —" Arabi has guaranteed public safety and published it in the newspapers, and has made himself responsible to the Consuls, and if he succeeds in his guarantee the Powers will trust him, and our consideration will be lost. Also, the Fleets of the Powers are in Alexandrian waters, and men's minds are excited, and quarrels are not far off between Europeans and others. Now, therefore, choose for yourself whether you will serve Arabi in his guarantee, or whether you will serve us." If that telegram was really sent, it would show that the Khedive requested Lutfi to nullify Arabi's guarantee by breaking public order, and that is Lord Randolph's allega- tion. He has, however, to prove the authenticity of his tele- gram. It is exactly the message a tricky and weak Oriental might send, though he would hardly trust the telegraph so far, and it is also exactly the message which a clever Asiatic hating the khedive would forge to produce his ruin. Whatever the truth, we hardly wonder that the French papers ask why the British Government is just now informally trying the Khedive. Will they, if the telegram is traced to. him, send him before a court-martial in his own capital? We thought they held the Khedive to be a Sovereign.