7 JULY 1883, Page 2

We regret to record the death of the Duke of

Marlborough,. one of Lord Beaconsfield's Dukes, a most respectable, most manageable man, who could always be educated, and therefore sat in Cabinets. He knew something of Church affairs, and though he sold the Sunderland Library, was in his way a man or intelligence and thought. He is succeeded by his son, Lord Bland- ford, supposed to be a Radical. That party does not want Dukes, and thinks it hard of Fate that Lord Randolph Churchill is only a second son. Perhaps, however, it is for the beat. If he had been the heir to the Dukedom, the House of Commons. might have been cruelly and indecently exultant over a death,. and even the gain to the State would not have compensated for that.