7 JULY 1883, Page 24

We are glad to see that a volume of verse,

giving many proofs of culture and elegant taste—Poems, by Charles H. bole (Parker and Co.)—has reached a second edition. The chief poems are classical, having for their subjects " Hermione," "The Return of Ulysses, and "Alcestis." "St. John" and "A Voyage to Britain" have sacred themes. "During the Siege" seeks to represent Christian feeling in the days of Alone. A variety of miscellaneous poems follow, and there are some translations, generally to be commended for their neatness and spirit. We shall give one, in which Mr. bole ventures to challenge comparison with a famous rival :—

"What slender youth on beds of roses Drenched with many a perfume sweet C,•urts Pyrrha in a pleasant cove ? While she her yellow hair disposes With all the neatness that is meet. How oft the Gods who will not save, And change of faith, will he lament,

And" wen 'or at the blackening wale, Who now enjoys your free consent, And loves you, thinks you best of all, Hopes ycu will tree and 1.ind remain, Unconscious of the faithless breeze, Unhappy in whose way you fall Untried ; behold, in Neptune's face, My garments, dripping from the seas, Suspended on the sacred wall."