7 JULY 1894, Page 10

The election for the Attercliffe division of Sheffield, whichr took

place on Thursday, has ended in the return of Mr..

Langley, official Gladstonian candidate. The figures are :— Alderman Langley (L.) 4,486 Mr. G. Hill Smith (C.) ... 3,495 Mr. Frank Smith (Ind. Lab.) ..

Majority ... 1,249, 991 At the last election (1892), Mr. Bernard Coleridge was returned by a majority of 1,144 votes, and in 1886 by 1,406. The election is a smashing blow for the Labour party, and a great victory for the official Liberal organisations, which will now everywhere harden their hearts against Labour candidates, In this way, however, the success of Alderman Langley may prove a snare. Labour, though weak as an electoral force, is, not altogether a neglectable quantity, and if driven to the wall, may make itself disagreeable. Labour candidates do. little harm, but if the Labour enthusiasts were out of revenge to transfer their support to the Conservatives, the effect would be enormous.