7 JULY 1894, Page 9

All Europe has expressed its regret at M. Carnot's death,

but the French appear to have been especially touched by two testimonies of the general good feeling and respect. The German Emperor ordered the release of two French naval officers recently condemned to heavy punishments for espionage, and our own Queen addressed to Madame Carnot the following really admirable letter " Windsor Castle, .Tune 27th, 1894.

MADAME,—Although I have not the pleasure of knowing you personally, I cannot refrain from writing to you, and attempting to express the deep and sincere sympathy that I fool for you in this terrible moment. I cannot find words to tell you how my widow's heart bleeds for you, and what dismay and what horror I feel at the crime that has robbed you of a beloved husband, and the whole of France of its most worthy and respected President. If universal sympathy can in any measure assuage your intense grief, be assured it is yours, Madame. May God give you the strength and courage, and also the resignation., so necessary to enable you to bear such a misfortune."