7 JULY 1894, Page 9

it seems to be quite certain that, for the present,

the French Chamber agrees with M. Casimir-Perier, and is prepared to give him a majority against all shades of Red. It has elected M. Burdeau, whom he most trusts, President of the Chamber by a majority of 102 over M. Brisson, and of 69 over M. Brisson and all other candidates put together. It has also supported him in refusing a general amnesty to include all political criminals, and the Premier, M. Dupuy, in his speech on the proposal, even exaggerated his usual horror of Communists and Anarchists. The Reds were defeated by 307 to 159. It must be noted, however, that bitterness is greatly increasing, that all the Reds are now backing the Labour party, and that the temptation to those who desire the destruction of the Republic is very great. They have a President who will not yield, and consequently, by joining the Reds in a hostile vote on some Labour quesn tion, they can produce enormous confusion, perhaps compel the President to resign. It is quite probable that M. Casimir- Perier may be compelled to appeal to the people through a dissolution, and it is reported that, if defeated on any subject involving surrender to extreme opinions, this will be his course. For the moment, however, the adhesion of the Chamber, of the Presidents of the two Houses, and of his Premier, leaves M. Casimir-Nrier almost a free hand.