7 JULY 1950, Page 22

Art by Canal

SIR,—May I applaud Mr. Sacheverell Sitwell's graceful English and choice of theme. We forget that the quickest, safest way to bring pictures from Italy (say) to England was first not across Europe's country but by sea. The ports were fed by roads Roman in origin and perfect as wheel-ways. How did objects of art leave the main road for a remote Saeheverell Seat inland ? I inform all—by canal. Until the railways bought up and closed the canals, they operated every- where. I owned Houghton Mill, pronounced Hoeton (not as the Vulgar might say, Howton, after that peer). My cattle were still sold by " the foot," and my strip of Ouse Canal in use.

Once I saw three lovely Italian pictures, two Cromes and a Stark, in the forehead 'of a blunt-browed barge and my. coughing miller helping, on their way to Hinchingbrooke—Lord Sandwich's home— Yours, OLIVER L 40L"KER-LAMPSON. The Royal Automobile Club, S.W.I.