7 JULY 1967, Page 2

Portrait of the week

Mr George Brown said the response from European ministers present at the Hague was 'absolutely firWelass' after he had made his big speech knock- ing at the European door on Britain's behalf: at home, however, a Labour backbencher sounded a sour note by suggesting that Mr Brown 'Should be given Cruft's first prize in the class of spaniels' Meanwhile, the Anglo-French swing-wing aeroplane seemed doomed by-a French decision to pull out. though Mr Healey said it might still be possible to go it alone. Britain's gold reserves fell rather unpleasantly by £43 million, and steps were taken to prepare for petrol rationing.

Britain had plenty of other things to think about, however, with the appeals of the two Rolling Stones against their drug sentences keeping that subject in The headlines, the Bill to legalise homosexual acts in private between consenting males getting its third reading, and the Abortion Bill running into rather rougher parliamentary weather. There was also Wimbledon, where it was hot, and Aden, where it was much hotter.

More powers for traffic wardens, and more re- strictions on pedestrians, were proposed. The former Congolese Prime Minister. Moise Tshombe, was kidnapped while travelling in a British aeroplane and spirited away to Algiers; while China's Presi- dent, Liu Shao-chi, was reported to have been 'exposed and overthrown.' The threatened national railway strike was abruptly abandoned.

Lord Alport travelled around Rhodesia hoping. to get negotiations with Britain going. Oxford dons. opened a fund to finance their opposition to the Government's decision to raise overseas srudents'• fees. The late Donald Campbell's water speed record was broken by an American. The Queen visited Expo 67. but the travel allowance was used at only £50 for 1967-68.

National Postal Fortnight was opened with promises of faster service from the Postmaster- General : one London postman, however, admitted in court that he sometimes felt too_tired to finish a delivery round, so he stuffed the letters in the back of his car, and then often forgot to do am thing more about them. ilrAivolved.


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