7 JULY 1973, Page 17

John Peyton

Sir: Show a photograph of John Peyton to a hundred people in the street and I would guess that ninety-five of them would say: "Who is that? "

Twenty-five people are killed on our roads every day. Many more suffer injuries which will have life-long consequences.

A minister who is prepared to tackle the human misery caused by the car nage on our roads would be the most controversial and best known minister in any present day government.

In view of this fact I find Mr Peyton's virtual anonymity very damning. Barbara Castle had her faults but she did manage to change the public's attitude towards the ethics of drinking and driving.

The present minister should make his little dent in the slaughter-way blood-bath by doing immediately, what is inevitable in the long run: I mean make the wearing of seat-belts compulsory, Max Nottingham 19 St Faith's Street, Lincoln, Lincs