7 JULY 1973, Page 16

Sir: I agree with Mr Christopher Sykes that if there

were a Descartes SocietY like The Francis Bacon Society then Dr Rowse might well call their' "

crackpots" if they ascribed the works to his contemporary Corneille. No authorship problem exists for Des' cartes had every qualification for writing his masterpieces. On the other hand we know practically nothing a.5 to John Shakespeare's eldest. son. It Is mere assumption that he attended the little school at Stratford but, had tle

one so, it would not have provided a raction of the learning displayed even n his early works such as Venus and donis and Love's Labour's Lost, nor e command of "the speech of the ods." In those days the dialects of the ifferent shires were so marked that he militia were unable to understand heir orders unless given by an officer om their own district. It is impossible o accept the six illiterate scrawls of Ignatures (the only known specimens f his handwriting) as being those of a ultured man. No mention of books ppears in his will nor provision for he sixteen plays unpublished, and hich were not printed until seven ears after his death.

R. L. Eagle 7 Avenue Road, Falmouth.