7 JUNE 1834, Page 19

Inat may be done in Two Months, or a Summer's

Tour through Belgium, up the Rhine, and to the Lakes of Switzer-. land. This is a clear, practical little volume, likely to be very useful to persons intending to travel the same route. Its contents are in the form of letters, professed to be—and from internal evidence we doubt not they were—written from the resting-places on the author's tour ; describing whilst every thing was fresh in his mind, what he felt, what he saw, what he did, and generally what he paid. To topographical knowledge, or to extensive con- nuisseurship, they make no pretension ; and perhaps—though we have no reason for saying so—a resident !night not verify all his statements, and would confessedly find more worth seeing than he saw. The great merit of the book is its exact information so far as it goes: we gain from its perusal the same sort of impreesion as to specilicalities which we have when we are leaving a show- place. The author discards all claims to literary merit; but his tone is gentlemanly, his style clear, and not without a sort of animal in which carries the reader along. A useful appendix is added, giving a detailed account of routes and distances, fares by diligenees, boats, &c.