7 JUNE 1834, Page 19

The Guide to Chess, by the Reverend II. Woon, is

a concise and distinct tutor to the noble game, indispensable to the tyro, and scarcely less valuable to the master. The best Openings, Gambits, and several interesting examples are given; and there is altogether, for eighteeepence, more elementary instruction and practical information, than we have found in books of much higher price and pretension. Mr. Wools mentions that LABOURDON- NA IS has already appropriated to himself arptain Evans's Opening and the Muzio Gambit. We can tell him, on good authority, that not many weeks ago, LABOURDONNAIS asserted that his whole work was original, and the result the study of a life ! Nine-tenths of it is filched without acknowledgment,—neither uncommon, nor, would it seem, descreditable in Fiance; for this worthy is still the Sir Oracle of the celebrated Caf6 Royale.