7 JUNE 1873, Page 2

The Claimant and his Judges have had their Whitsuntide holiday,

like the rest of us, so that the days of trial during the last week have been few, and the upshot of the witnesses' examination is not of great moment. Stonyhurst witnesses have been examined, amongst them a son of the great naturalist. Charles Waterton—the "long Tom" of Sir Roger Tichborne's Stonyhurst period, whom the Claimant in his first trial supposed to have been one of the porters—the Rev. Father Rigby, Superior of the Seminary in 1847-8, and others, who denied that the Claimant was the man whom they had known at Stonyhurst, and gave evidence as to various facts on which a Stony- hurst man should have been informed, but of which the Claimant had confessed his ignorance. Thursday's exami- nation of witnesses was remarkable for the admission by Mr. Kenealy, the Claimant's counsel, that "if Roger Tichborne was tatooed, his client is undoubtedly guilty." Father Rigby, the Superior of the Seminary from 1847-8, asserted that he had seen the tattoo-marks on Roger's 'arm during that period, but could not define when. Mr. Kenealy's object has been to bring out bow very little exact memory real Stonyhurst men have of their old life there. And in this direction he has made many good. points.