7 JUNE 1873, Page 23

The Teachers' List. Edited by Phillips Bevan. (Stanford.)—This second edition

of The Teachers' List is a very complete directory for all that concerns educational boards, colleges, schools, and the like. The present writer happens to have some small practical acquaintance with the subject, and he has found that the test which he has applied, com- paring the statements of this book with his own local or personal knowledge, has given very satisfactory results. Here and there he has found a correction or addition made in one place and not in another, in the list of persons, for instance, and not in the list of places. But, considering the extraordinay difficulties that surround the task of com- piling and correcting such a work, the information collected is remark- ably accurate and recent. The volume contains a descriptive list of "Executive and Examining Bodies," of " Universities Granting Degrees," of "General and Special Colleges," including the Medical Schools in London and the provinces, of " Public Schools " and " Private Schools," an "Educational Directory," lists of "Certificated Masters and Mistresses," &c.