7 JUNE 1873, Page 3

Even contemporary tradition is very untrustworthy. We find that we

did not give in our last impression either the whole of the now very widely-disseminated epitaph on Mr. Lowe, nor the correct Latin version really attributable to him, nor the Greek version which he has also supplied. Here is the full epitaph,— which is an old one, not originally composed for Mr. Lowe, but only adapted to the severe view popularly taken of him, with the very clever Latin and Greek renderings made by the latest subject of the epitaph :-


Here lie the bones of Robert Lowe, If to the realms of peace and

A treacherous friend, a bitter foe. love, Whither his restless soul has fled, Farewell to happiness above. May not be thought, much less be If haply to some lower level, said We can't congratulate the Devil.


MR. LOWE'S GREEK VERSION. Reim civig O; Tice: ,weriTeers rcZni

Tkaseat ixt)goi;; i,;ccrar-av re 912ou;. ACCal roi regros-aral o Ociszavoc. 'Oux I; 0Xuorov, Kai yag OXv,araiScov c:Agg) eiv e4goeOwn,— .AXX' oa Et; "A.Snv, irsi " On; Imxxa vretaal v dreg To5ros ervia6as, oLxir' (bur& IrciAot.

We have also received a clever variation on the Latin of the mutilated epitaph, and a French translation of the same by the same writer, which it will be worth while to give, if only in proof of the interest which Mr. Lowe's virtues excite :—

Hic jacet Humilis Robertus, Commune fatum hand expertus. Nam, si migraret Dei in rides, Nimis voxarot sanctaa sodas; Et si se mergeret in imis, Sors Ditis forot dura nimis.


Cy git enfin Robert le Bas: I Il gdnerait trop to bon Dieu ; Son lime eat,—oft, je ne sate pas. S'il Boit s l'enfer condamnable, Car, s'il voulait chercher les clan; Que Dieu aie pitid du Diable I

We offer the following German rendering to complete the collec- tion Hierunten liegend, die Gebeine Des Niedrigen Robert beweine ! Treuloser Freund und looser


1st nie verschieden, wio es scheint. Wohin or geht, kann niemand spiiren ;— Jenseits der goldnen Himmels- thfiren Wiirde, mit ihm, den schonsten Seolen So ganz und gar die Fronde fehlon. Doch, mit ihm in der Holle taglich, Ware der Teufel unertraglich.

Robertus Humilis his jacet, Qui nobis (mortuus) wide placet ; Amicus minime fidelis, Amarus hostis et crudelis ; Quasnam conditio sit futura Ambigitur, sod, spare, dura. Si cesium scandet ista pestle, Vale, concordia crelestis ; Si spud inferos jacebit, Diabolum ejus poenitebit, Et nos Diaboli miserebit.