7 JUNE 1913, Page 1

The attitude of the Buda-Pest public, as the Vienna corre-

spondent of the Times notes, is strongly on the side of the Opposition, which made M. Desy's charges its own. Nor is this to be wondered at, in view of the sinister record of the Lukacs Cabinet and its high-handed use of its majority and of the party funds. "It is responsible for the maintenance of the Cuvaj dictatorship in Croatia, for the passing of the iniquitous Hungarian Suffrage Reform Bill, and for acts of administrative oppression such as the creation of a new anti-Rumanian bishopric in Transylvania for the purpose of Magyarizing the Greek United Church. It has earned for the Magyar State the implacable hate of Rumanians and Serbo-Croatians alike, and has done more harm to the foreign relations of the Monarchy than years of prudent administration would be able to repair." On Wednesday the Opposition, which had long absented itself from Parliament, mustered in force, and on the entry of the Premier and the Ministerial deputies indulged in a hostile demonstration. At the order of Count Tisza, the President, the chief offenders were removed by the Parliamentary Guard, one of them being struck by the Captain of the Guard with his sabre. The Premier having then announced the resignation of the Cabinet, the House adjourned pending the formation of anew Ministry. Dr. Lukacs is believed to favour the appointment of Count Tisza, but more moderate Ministerialists suggest the choice of a less militant member of the party.