7 JUNE 1913, Page 13


[To TRH EDITOR Or TILE "spEcurox."3 Sin,—Major Morrison-Bell is right ; an appeal to the House of Commons without redistribution of seats would be useless. Mr. Aston's letter is a sample of the wild talk which his Ulster ancestors indulged in a hundred and twenty years ago, as a result of the shameful way dissenters were then treated by an alien State Church. I know the South of Ireland well and its kind-hearted people. As a Protestant dissenter I have lived among and got my living from them. I am firmly persuaded they do not want or desire Home Rule. It is the work of paid agitators and their dupes looking for soft jobs—as a rule of men who have nothing to lose. What Ireland wants is rest and representation in the Imperial Parliament according to her population, and more Roman Catholics of the Duke of Norfolk type.—I am, Sir, &c.,