7 JUNE 1913, Page 14


[To TEE EDITOR Or THE •'SPECTATOR."] SIR,—I understand that in a recent copy of your paper you published an article with reference of the erection of telegraph poles in beautiful parts of Surrey. The Postmaster-General recently applied to my Council for their consent to the erec- tion of a line of poles and wires along the roadway on Bookbam Common past the Mark Oak Gate. My Council declined to consent, as they were of opinion that the erection of an overhead line would utterly ruin a very beautiful piece of forest scenery, particularly as the proposal involved the cutting back of some very fine trees. The Postmaster-General appealed to Judge Harrington, of the Epsom County Court, who, after a very patient hearing, delivered a considered judg- ment in favour of the Council. The Postmaster-General now desires to erect an overhead line over the Hundred Acres at Ashtead and across Headley Heath, and it is hoped that either an alternative route may be found or that the lines may be laid underground.—I am, Sir, &c., ARTHUR R. COTTON, Clerk. Epsom Rural District Council,

Waterloo Road, Epsom.

[When will the Post Office learn that telephones should be heard and not seen P—ED. Spectator.]