7 JUNE 1913, Page 17


THE following correspondence has passed between the Editor of the Spectator and the Editor of the Daily- News in regard to an article which appeared in the Daily News on Saturday, May 31st, entitled : " Mr. St. Loe Strachey : a Character Study "

The " Spectator," 1 Wellington Street, Strand, London, W.C. Monday, June 2nd, 1913.

DEAR SIR,— Like, I am sure, most of your readers, I was delighted by the charm and literary ability of your " character study " of me. I have, however, one ground of complaint. You do not mention a particular action, or abstention from action, of which, in my self- righteous way, I am particularly proud. I am strongly opposed to the dissemination of poisonous literature, and believe it to be far more injurious to the nation than the consumption of alcohol. Indeed. I would make no compromise on poisonous literature. As you know, I make the exclusion of poisonous literature from its columns a condition of my connexion with the " Spectator." Holding this view, I am proud of the fact that I do not own shares and a. controlling interest in any publishing firm which makes its main business the publication of poisonous literature. I am, further, very proud that I have no need to excuse myself by pointing out that the apparent inconsistency of my conduct is due to my desire to disseminate sound Unionist principles and that I find these make an easier entry into the mind when in company with poisonous literature.

You will perhaps wonder why I should ask you to put this fact

before the readers of the Daily News. I will tell you. Mr. George Cadbury, who I understand is one of the chief proprietors. of the "Daily News and Leader" Company, which also publishes and controls the Star, a year or two ago in an interview in the- Sunday at Home, while stating that there might sometimes be good grounds for selling alcohol, used the following words : "But I would make no compromise on betting. As you know, I make the- exclusion V betting forecasts from its columns a condition of my connexion with the ' Daily News.'" Since then the "Daily News " Company has absorbed the Star, and thus has become responsible for the newspaper which is the most successful disseminator of "betting forecasts" in London, and probably more widely used for betting purposes than any other paper in the kingdom. I understand that Mr. George Cadbury and the other anti-betting proprietors of the Star via the Daily News and their advocates and supporters excuse their apparent inconsistency by pointing out their desire to disseminate sound Liberal principles, and that they find these make an easier entry into the mind when in company with " betting forecasts."

Therefore I may, I think, claim in regard to poisonous literature to have done exactly the opposite to what Mr. George Cadbury and the other anti-betting proprietors of the Daily News and the Star have done in the matter of " betting forecasts. '

You will no doubt be very much shocked by my mentioning this fact, but I rely upon your fairness to publish this letter and so. let an accused person make his defence, however irrelevant it may seem to you, in his own way. Surely that is a Liberal principle- to which you must adhere.

Yours faithfully,

The Editor, J. ST. Log STRACHEY. "The Daily News and Leader."


We beg to return the enclosed letter which, as you admit, is irrelevant to the article to which it refers. If there is any fact or statement in that article to which you take exception we shall be glad to publish your comment or correction. We cannot, however, allow it to be used as an excuse for an attack on a gentleman who has had no connexion with this paper for eighteen months and for a repetition of statements which have appeared in your own columns so frequently for a long time past.

Yours faithfully,

The "Daily News and Leader,"

Bouverie Street, London, E.C. June 4th, 1913.

Wellington Street, Strand.