7 JUNE 1913, Page 2

Probably the impelling motive in Miss Davison's mind was the

committal of a kind of political suicide so as to draw, attention in a marked way to the suffrage movement. What makes the position the more pathetic is the fact that the results achieved are exactly opposite to those desired. There are literally thousands of men and women who were previously rather indifferent to the suffrage question who will now be quite determined that it shall never be granted. That is not very logical perhaps, but it is very human. Another sensational incident of the Derby was the disqualification of the favourite, Craganour, who won by a neck. The stewards declared that the race had been won by Aboyeur, a horse which started at 100 to 1. The ground for the disqualification is stated to be that Craganour did not keep a straight course, but interfered with Shogun and Day Comet, and bumped and bored the second horse, Aboyeur.