7 JUNE 1913, Page 27

READABLE NovELs.—Sussex Iron. By Lewis Lusk. (J. Ouseley. 6s.)—The ardent

archaeologist is more in evidence than the literary artist in this uncommon story of Tudor times, but it should interest many besides Sussex folk. —The Great Gold Bush. By W. H. P. Jarvis. (J. Murray. 6s.)—A tale of hardship having a slight vein of romance ingeniously combined with history of the Yukon mining and a denunciation of official "graft."—Chance the Piper. By Agnes and Egerton Castle. (Smith, Elder and Co. 6s.)—Nine vivacious stories, of which two-thirds are of the authors' well- known "costume" type.—The Third Miss Symons. By F. M. Mayor. (Sidgwick and Jackson. 3s.6d. net.)—A short book giving the depressing life-history of an unloved " super. fluous " woman : her deterioration is described with keen penetration and much literary skill.