7 JUNE 1913, Page 3

Colley Hill was thrown open to the public last Saturday

in a graceful ceremony, which included an admirable speech by Lord Curzon on the need of preserving the beauties of English scenery. The platform was set at the very edge of the noble down, and below there stretched like a great green carpet the chequer-work of the Weald of Surrey and Sussex. Owing to the precipitous nature of the hillside at this point, a pre- cipitousness such as one hardly sees on grass slopes except in lower Switzerland and the Italian Lakes, the view from Colley Hill is very much like that which is seen by the airmen as they fly across the green earth. The National Trust is to be heartily congratulated upon hating secured this splendid natural landscape to add to their glorious gallery of natural pictures. It remains to add that the pageant of the Canterbury Pilgrims was exceedingly well done. Reigate appears to have an unlimited supply of ladies who can feel perfectly comfortable on the top of a horse in gorgeous mediaeval costumes. Such self-possession is no common gift. The trainer and producer of the procession earned the warmest congratulations.