7 JUNE 1935, Page 13

A Hundred Years Ago THE races commenced on Tuesday. The

company on Tuesday and Wednesday was not very numerous ; but the weather was on the whole favourable, and the running very good. Thursday was the groat day, and the Downs were thronged with company of all ranks. Among the distinguished and fashionable personages, wore tho Duke and Dutchess and Prince George of Cambridge, the Duke of Cumberland, and the Princess Augusta; the Dukes of Cleveland, Richmond, Leeds, Rutland, and Grafton ; the Marquises of Exeter, Granby, Tavistock, and Conyngham ; Lords Verulam, Chesterfield, Warwick, Jersey, Wilton, and Albemarle. The course was its good condition, and well kept ; the weather fine, and the race for the Derby Stakes remarkably close.