7 JUNE 1935, Page 2

Sound Public Works , The extensive programme of electrification of

railway lines in the London area announced by Mr. Chamberla;ti in the House of Commons on Wednesday is, whether by accident or design, a fulfilment of the demands put for- ward by Mr. Lloyd George in the series of proposals he has laid before the Cabinet. It is a wise expenditure of money to be borrowed on a Government guarantee, for thee can be no question of the public utility of the work to he carried out. It is indeed a good example of a perfectly' sound public works policy for the relief of unemploymen. That Mr. Lloyd George's representations have had some. thing, perhaps a great deal, to do with the Government's decision to support this programmecan hardly be doubted, for it is obviously to the interest of Ministers to go as far as they reasonably can to make Mr. Lloyd George into an ally rather than an enemy. In this case they could combine the application of that policy with the approval of a scheme which has everything to commend it.