7 JUNE 1935, Page 3

Apart from that of Sir Samuel Hoare the best contri-

bution to the debate was that of Sir Herbert Samuel. ' He has maintained throughout this Parliament an astonishingly high level of speaking. He has developed a most attractive if perhaps a slightly artificial vein of humour. Some of his sallies were first class, particularly that in which he described the alliance on the second reading between the Ultra-Tories and the Socialists as a coalition of "those who would die hard and those who would live dangerously." Admirably pointed too was his quotation from Carlyle with reference to Mr. Churchill's oratory. Carlyle had said "Have a false opinion and tell it with the tongue of angels. What will it profit ? The better you tell it, the worse it becomes." There could certainly be no better summary of the results of Mr. Churchill's speeches. They have been magnificent, and they have not won a vote.