7 JUNE 1940, Page 30


THE two hundred and seventy-first annual general Court of the Governor and Company of Adventurers of England trading into Hudson's Bay was held on May 31st at the Leathersellers' Hall, St. Helen's Place, London, E.C.

Mr. Patrick Ashley Cooper, the Governor of the company, said: Taking first the retail stores department, as it is on this department that the company now mainly depends for regular profits, the accounts for the year to January 31st, 1937, showed that the profit earned in this department was the largest it had ever made. The accounts of the following year showed a further increase and, although the figures of the year to January 31st, 1939, did not come up to expectation, you will be pleased to know that the profit for last year sets up a flesh record for the retail stores.

The prospects of the fur trade are uncertain. We have been able to continue business nearer normal than we had expected, but what the future will bring in the way of restrictions it is impossible to indicate. Conditions in Canada at the moment appear to be promising, though, as I have already mentioned, agricultural prospects, which still remain to a large degree the basis of our prosperity, depend on weather conditions, which have not been altogether satisfactory.

The report and accounts were adopted.