7 JUNE 1940, Page 6

Among British citizens endeavouring to be helpful in their own

way at the present time is, apparently, Sir Thomas Beecham, who was interviewed by the New York Herald Tribune, when " on his way to Australia under orders of the British Government, admittedly as a lecturer-propagandist." This description of Sir Thomas' journey, I am officially assured, is entirely baseless, so possibly some of the other passages in the interview should • be accepted with reserve. I hope, for Sir Thomas' sake, that is so, for he observed (not here at home, but in New York, for American consumption), that " we've been a feebly governed people for the last ten years. And now what do we face? Air-raids in England, and possibly the landing of German troops, but not on an immense scale, as that will not be necessary for the effect on the British people under the present regime." Mr. Chamberlain was still in power on the date of the interview, May 9th, and Sir Thomas nominated his successor. All would be well "once a new Cabinet were formed under the dynamic leadership of Lloyd George, World War Prime Minister." I am afraid the change of Premier will not have satisfied him, for his view is (or was) that " the entire present Government, not just one individual, must go." Expulsion, therefore, for Mr. Churchill, inter alios. It is rather comforting that Sir Thomas conducts nothing more vital to our national security than an orchestra.

* * * *