7 JUNE 1940, Page 6

The news that Sir Arnold Wilson, M.P., is reported missing.

believed killed, will sadden many hearts, for exigent though Sir Arnold's collaborators sometimes found him, his gallant and tireless spirit commanded general admiration. He was an assiduous devourer of blue-books and a mine of military. political, social and every other kind of knowledge. A strong Modern Churchman, he wrote some years ago one of the best religious articles that has appeared in The Spectator. His last letter to me was characteristic. " I go on Friday," he wrote (in October), " to Air Armament School No. i as Pilot-Officer Arnold Wilson, for re-training as officer air-gunner prior to posting to a Fighter and Bomber Squadron, R.A.F. I go in the spirit of I Maccabees iii. 59, having passed strenuous medical and physical tests with a good margin, and am laents sorte mea." The quotation from Maccabees reads: " For it is better for us to die in battle than to behold the calamities of our people and our sanctuary." Wilson was 55, held the rank of colonel in the army, and had been, among other things. Acting Civil Commissioner in Iraq.

* * * *