7 MARCH 1835, Page 10

A recent fracas on board a frigare commanded by a

noble lord, and at present in the Mediterranean, has furnished the general topic for con- versation at the Clubs for the last two or three days. The noble lord commanding the vessel in question sent a message to a young gentle- man to whom a passage had been given in his lordship's ship desiring his immediate attendance ; but the young gentleman, being engaged at the time be received the order in a game of chess, did not attend the summons until he had finished his game. The noble lord, indignant at this breach of discipline on board his vessel, ordered his passenger to the main, top, as a punishment, which order was for a long time re- sisted; filially, however, Mr. D— was compelled to ascend to his perilous quarters On arriving at the first port, satisfaction was de- minded; but the matter was, we believe, arranged by the intervention of mutual friends.—Morning Post.