7 MARCH 1835, Page 10


Arrived—At Gravesend. March 5th, Bengal, Lee. from Bengal. Off Whitstable, 4th, Lady Feversham, Gibbs, from Bombay. At Deal, 1st, Lord Lynedoch. Johnston, from Bengal ; awl Charles Kerr. Brodie. from Bombay ; 3d, General Palmer, Thomas, from Bengal ; and 41h. Tam-o-Shanter, Coyde. from Mauritius. Off Liverpool, 4th, Tyner, Ellis, from Bengal. At Leith, Feb. 28th, Mary, Thompson. from Mauritius; and March 3d. John, NPFarlane, from ditto. At St. Ilelena, Jan. 5th. Athol, Malcolm, from Mau. ritius ; and 7th, Achilles, Duncan, from London. At the Cape, Dec. 17th, Justinian. Reny; Mary Jane, Winter; and 18th, General Bathurst, Smith, from Mauritius ; 20th, Kersewell, Doswell ; and Diadem. Airth, from London ; 30th. Renown, NPLeod, from the Clyde: and Ann. Peurice, from Chiva. At Bengal, Oct. 20th, Cornwall, Bell ; and Elphinstone„ Domett, from London. Sailed—From Gravesend, February 28th, Agrippina, Rogers, for the Cape ; March 1st, Thomas Colitis, Onslow, for Bombay; 2.1. Urania, Dunn, fur the Cape; 4th, George the Fourth. Waugh, for Madras; Trusty, West, for China ; and Atalanta. Barber, for the Cape. From Liverpool, 1st, Hero, Smallwood, for Batavia; Falcon, M•Minn. for China; W inscales, Fisher. for Bengal ; Mary Bibby, Neale; and Co- lombia, Ilooton, for Bombay ; and Two Brothers, Tomkins, for Singapore.


Arrived—Off Plymonth, Earl Bathurst. Smith, from Mauritius. At Mauritius, Dec. 31, Augustus, Carr, from London ; and 12th, Victoria, Wilson, from Bristol.