7 MARCH 1835, Page 10



The fluctuation of Consols has not been such as to require much detail. In the early part of the week, the market evinced an upward tendency, which has since been counteracted by some considerable sales, caused, it is pretended, by the determination of the Ministers consent to Lord Crtasnos' motion for the repeal of the Malt .tax, and the belief that amongst other modes of supplying the de5cien2y, a tax upon property has been determined on. Money has been less abundant than usual ; but the immediate pressure has been removed during the last two days, by the Directors of the Bank of England having signified their willingness to afford the usual accommodation by advancing money upon the deposit of bills, stock, or other approved available security, till the 15th of April next. The books of the various Stocks, the Dividends on which become payable on the 5th of April, have all closed during the week, and will not re- open till the time arrives for the payment of the Dividends. Both India and Bank Stock are of this number ; but India Stock is to-day quoted for Account at 2'7,91.

In the Foreign Market, a great demand has occurred for Danish Bonds; oc- casioned, we believe, by purchases on account of the Sinking-fund. The quan- thy of Bonds at present afloat is so small, that it is not easy to obtain any con- siderable quantity of stock at the nominal price. Spanish Stock and Scrip have advanced during the week, but have again receded : the price of the Bonds Las been as high as 604, and that of the Scrip 7. Some considerable sales, especially of Scrip, have however been effected, and a depression of nearly one per cent. occurred. The pi ice has again slightly improved ; and is this after- noon 59,71 60 for the Bonds, and 6?,- premium for the Scrip. The second pay- ment of 5 per cent. was made upon the Scrip on Monday last, making the whole of the instalment at present paid 15 per cent. Dutch Stocks are rather lower than last week ; but the demand for the Russian and Belgian Bonds still continues ; the latter have been at IO26 103, which is the highest quotation they have yet reached. The south American Stocks generally have given way from I to 2 per tent. ; and the Mining Shares are heavy at prices slightly be- low those which they have maintained for some time past. The attention of capitalists is beginning to be directed to the Cornish Mines: several enterprises in that part of the country have lately been introduced to Public notice; they seem all to present fairer prospects of success than many of the Foreign speculations of the last few years, and are in demand at premiums varying front 2/. to 6/. per share.


The prevalence of the rumours to which we referred yesterday continues still to depress the Money Market. It will be; seen by the prices that all the current Securities are rather lower than yesterday. From the tempestuous na- ture of the weather last night, we eare without the usual arrival from France; and the business of the morning, although more extensive than it usually is on Saturday, has not been of such a character as to call for any particular remark.

91 3 per Cent. Consols 91# * D Ditto for Account

New 34 per Cent. Annuities


Bank Stock

India Stock Ibr Account 258* Exchequer Bills 35 36 Belgian 5 per Cents 1024 Brazilian 5 per Cents 84* Danish 3 per Cents


Dutch 24 per Cents 564 1 French 3_per Cents

Greek, 1533.5 per Cents -- Mexican 6 per Cents. 411 21 Portuguese 5 per Cents

Do. egency Scrip,5per Cent R

Russian, 1822, Spec Cent... 1081 94

Spanish, 1821.5 ..wr Cent... 594

Ditto New Scrip

61 4