7 MARCH 1835, Page 16



Thu Natural Son. • German Tale, descriptive of the Age of the Emperor Rudolph

II. Translated from spiudler. by Lord Albert Cony ngliaiu. 1113 v..19 11.1ihell.


Miscell.Inieo, by the Author of the "Sketch-Hook." No. I. Containing a Tour on

the Ptah ie citurieism.

Oriental !Bust rati llll of the Sacred Scriptures. Colleeltal from the Customs, Man. mns, Rites. Superstitions. Ike 8:e. or the Ilintloos, during a Residence in the East of nearly Fourteen Years. By Jus,ph Itobeuts. Corre,poudine Member of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain awl Ireland Murray.


II istory of the Cotton Mantanicture in Great Britain, with a Notice of its Early His. tory in the East, and in all the Quarters of Ow filobe. a Description of the Great Mechanical Inventions which have caused its ua.exampled i•lilellbil/11 ill Great Bri ban and a View Of the Presmit State of the'Alanufact la e and the I.:Midi:kill of the Classes er,gagett in its 5e5eral Departmeub,. Ity Etlw unt Baittes junior,

tuld Cu.