7 MARCH 1835, Page 20

Mr. COOPER'S Parliamentary History of the County of Sussex is

an antiquarian work of considerable value and interest, to those who concern themselves in Parliamentary subjects or local history. Besides the shire itself, it contains an account of all the boroughs which returned Members to Parliament, the number of the voters, the nature of the suffrage, the interests represented, and the mutations of the borougrimongering property. There are also narratives of the different contested elections, intermixed with occasional anecdotes, and what gives a marked character and value to the work, consecutive lists of all the Members returned either by county or borough, from tlie earliest period to the present time, excepting from 17th Edward IV. to 13th Henry VIII., the writs and returns for which time are last.

Lord BROUGHAM is not deemed a profound constitutional lawyer; yet we perceive by Mr. COOPER'S assistance, that he was at all events correct in asserting it to be the old practice for Peers to interfere in elections. Here are precedents of' directions to the Sheriff'.

That the Peers directly interfered in these earlier elections, is clearly proved by the following letters from Lords Buckliurst and Montague to the returning officer, the Sheriff, preserved in the Burrell MSS., 5702, p. 189 :— " To the Right Worshipfull my very good Cosen, Mr. Walter Covert, Esquire, High Sheriff of Sussex and Surry.

" Cosyn Covert—I bear that Mr. Harbert Pelham and Mr. G. Goringe d stand to be the knights of the shyre, and as you friendlie offered me your fur, therance yf need were : so now, though I clout:It not of any great need, yet woul" I be glad to use the help of my friends in this cause for Sr. Thomas Sherlie and my son, and so leaving it to yourself to write to such as you shall think good, I commit you to God, this 30th of October 1584. '

"Al yours assured, T. BUCKHUKST.

" To my loving friend Mr. Walter Covert, Esquire, High Sheriff of Sussex, and to his Under-Sheriff, or Deputy.

" With my right hartie commendations, the choke of the knights for this Parliament being in this shire a Thursday next, I have thought good to signify unto you that both sundrie noblemen and gentlemen, with myself, have thought Mr. Robert Sackfield and Mr. Thomas Shirley most fit for the same, if the countrie shall like so to make choise. And albeit I know not, neyther heard of any means or request made otherwise, yet do I pray you to make my wish and desire to be known to the freeholders there, as for two sm.h as I think most flit, and to whom I have given my consent, and earnestlie request my friends to do the same. In much bast, I commit you to God. Comirie, my howse, the

3d of November 1534. Your loving friend, " ANTHONI: MONTAGE."

The interference of these noblemen was succ.2ssful, and S:r Thomas Shirk and Robert Sackville, Esq. were returned.

We may take another bit relatise t) tin, wages of County Members, of still older date.

Account of the wages formerly paid to the R .presentatives, whilst attending to their Parliamentary duties :—

42 Edward III., at Westminster

S Henry IV.

5 John Walevs Andrew Sickville John Halingridge Henry Hussey Sir .1: Pelham Sir J. Lewknor The same The same The same

1. s. a. Days.

1000 25 21 2 0 28 8 0 '71 18 18 46 688 171

228 36

6 8 9