7 MARCH 1835, Page 7

Int Court.

THE King held a Court at St. James's Palace on Saturday afternoon, for the purpose of receiving the Address of the House of Commons.

The Speaker arrived about two o'clock, accompanied by upwards of a hundred Members, including Lord Sandon and Mr. Bramston, the mover and seconder of the Address, Lord Morpeth and Mr. Banner- man, the mover and seconder of the Amendment, Sir F. Pollock, Sir J. Campbell, Dr. Bowring, Messrs Hume, Sheil, Warburton, Lytton Bulwer, Angerstein, Ross, and Wilbraham. The King received the Address on the throne, surrounded by the principal members of the Household, and returned a " gracious " answer to it. The Speaker and the Members of the House of Commons then retired.

Their Majesties had a dinner-party on Tuesday evening. Among the guests, were the Duke of Dorset, Lord Wilton, Earl and Countess Howe, and the Bishop of Worcester.

The King held a Levee on Wednesday, which was very numerously atterded. Many Members of the House of Commons of all parties were among the company ; and, as usual, a plentiful sprinkling of naval and military officers. His Majesty also held a Chapter of the Order of the Thistle, at which/Lord Mansfield was installed a member of the Order, with the customary ceremonial.

The Queen's birth-day was celebrated on Thursday, by a Drawing- room at St. James's Palace. At one o'clock, the Archbishop of York, with seven other Prelates, arrived at the Queen's house, and the Arch- bishop read the address of congratulation to her Majesty. A deputa- tion, consisting of the Governor and officers of Christ's Hospital, with forty of the boys belonging to the Mathematical School, was ushered into the Royal closet, according to the ancient custom on the first Drawing-room of the season. The boys exhibited their drawings and charts to the King. The Drawing-room was very brilliant. The principal Officers of State and the Household, and the Foreign Ambassadors, attended as usual. We notice the following names among the general company_ the Dukes of Gordon, Sutherland, Buccleuch, Downshire, Argyle, St. Alban's, Norfolk, with the Dutchesses of Gordon, Roxburgh, and St. Alban's; the Marquises of Londonderry, Conyngham, Camden, Bath ; and the Marchionesses of Lansdowne, Downshire, and Corn- wallis; the Earls of Errol, Shaftesbury, Albemarle, Ilehester, Mul- grave, Radnor, Harrowby, and Ripon ; Mr. George Dawson, Mr. M. Fitzgerald, Mr. lIughes Hughes, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Fleetwood, Mr. F. North, Sir Robert Inglis, and Sir Gerald Noel. In the evening, there was a large dinner-'party at the Palace; at which the Dutchess of Kent and Princess Victoria were present. Ladies Howe, Denbigh, Brownlow, and the Duke of Wellington, had dinner-parties in honour of the day. Yesterday, the King and Queen left St. James's Palace, for Wind- sor Castle.