7 MARCH 1835, Page 9


The Lieutenancy of the county Meath, vacant by Lord Darnley's death, will, it is thought, be given to the Honourable Randal E. Plunkett, son of Lord Dunsany, a candidate for the representation of Meath no the late election.—Irish Paper. [The Tories du not fill up vacant Magisterial offices with Whigs or Liberals.] Mr. Vandeleur, of Kilrush, and his agent, Mr. Fitzgerald, of Adel- phi, county Clare, have adopted a new and easy mode of settling the tithe question. Having appointed a day last week for receiving rents, the tenantry came prepared to settle; and on handing the amount to Mr. Fitzgerald, that gentleman deducted the tithe du., and, handing back the difference, desired them to make up the rents for him. The rent, or rather second rent, not being so " convenient" as Mr. \ramie. km or Mr. Fitzgerald expected, the poor people had to submit to the alternative °fallowing fifty head of cattle to be sent to the pound.— Limerick Star. On Tuesday evening, as the eight o'clock train was on its way to the Rock from Dublin, a woman, who was a passenger in the third class carriage, was delivered of a child; and both are doing well. A Court of Inquiry is now sitting in Limerick garrison, affecting a Baronet who holds a military and official situation. The inquiry arises

• out of some alleged pecuniary deficiencies.