7 MARCH 1885, Page 15


REJOINDER TO "A MOAN IN CHURCH." [WRITTENIN A VESTRY.] AND art thou God's" beloved," thou sleepy hearer, Thy bead lolled sideways in thy discontent ? But say, were that lorn preacher's utterance bleat With life-hues richer, were his reasoning clearer, His the warm tones of one whose soul clung nearer -To life's deep passion and its high intent,

What use, if all on thy pleased ear were spent, Haply to make thee hold poor self the dearer ?

Upon his heart does custom frost-like fall, Thence on thine eyes ? With both 'tis custom's cheat, In making him thou hast some share with all To form the pattern for his counterfeit.

He drones ? Wake then ! old Herbert's word recall ; God preach thee " patience," not Self self-conceit !