7 MARCH 1896, Page 2

Mr. Hofmeyr, leader of the Dutch Afrikander party at the

Cape, has addressed a remarkable letter to Mr. De Villiers, a friend in the Transvaal. He states that he has broken with Mr. Rhodes because that gentleman "must have known, nay did know," that a force of the Chartered Company's men was concentrated, partly within Cape Colony jurisdiction, ready to invade the Transvaal. Mr. Rhodes received many telegrams on the subject, but ignored them all; and when he received intelligence of the actual raid he kept his col-

, 4eagues in ignorance for a day and a half, even staying away from his office. He sent no warning to Pretoria, be published no repudiation of Dr. Jameson, and he has 3arefully avoided uttering any censure of the plot, but only toasted that his political career was now going to commence in earnest. That means, we conceive, that in the judgment of the Cape Afrikanders, whom he has so long controlled, Mr. Rhodes was at the bottom of the plot to seize the Transvaal.