7 MARCH 1896, Page 23

Melody : the Story of a Child. By Laura E.

Richards. (Gay and Bird.)—The child is blind and has a lovely voice, a gift with which she is content to bless those about her, not caring to purchase the applause and favour of the world. The story is good, but the style too ambitious.—Three Golden Words. By Mrs. 3. Alexander Smith. (S.S.U.)—A little boy tries to find out what the words "Thy Kingdom Come" mean, and having found it, to realise them. A pretty story this, not without humour, as when Archie makes old Mrs. Cash play at being a Sunday-school scholar.—Martha's Trial. By Mabel Quiller-Couch. (S.S.U.)— This is an interesting little story of how a young girl in service is suspected of dishonesty, and then, thanks to her own courage, and unselfishness, is delivered from the reproach.