7 MARCH 1931, Page 13

Report of the Competition

THE Editor offered a prize last week of two guineas for the best description on a postcard of the thoughts of Mr. Beer- bohm's caricature of Lord Cecil. We have decided to award the prize to Mr. Walter Ashley for the following imagin- ary thoughts :-

" I wonder what Burleigh would have said to Elizabeth if he'd known a Cecil would one day spend years of his life trying to pursued° the nations to disarm—England and Spain among them—not altogether without success ! " " Well, if general disarmament ever does come—it won't be in my time—and the future historian says I did for it anything com- parable with what Burleigh did for the Cecils, I shan't have lived in vain."

5 Langton Avenue, N. 20. WALTER ASHLEY.

Miss Gertrude Ogg's parody of " Sur le Pont d'Avignon " is entertaining :— " LES PENSEES DE CECIL Pres du Lac de Geneve L'on y penes, pense, pense Pres du Lac de Geneve, L'on y songe, tout en rend

Les beaux Bri(g)ands . .

Font comme ea (shrugs) Et puis encore, commo go, (lifts eyebrows)."

Edzell, Angus. (MISS) GERTRUDE OGG.

Of an even more flippant nature is Mr. C. van Oss's :— " I wish he would hurry up 1 For I'm sure the longer it seems to me, the longer I'll seem to Max "

• C!o the-" Haagsehe Post," The Hague, Holland. C. VAN. Oss.