7 MARCH 1970, Page 25


From Z. R. Prvulocich, Archibald Tober, E. W. Wilton, H. W. Belmore, Dr Israel Shahak, Philip Larkin, David Mills Daniel, R. E. Williams, Derek Hudson, the Rev G. V. R. Grant, T. N. Bescunger.

Enter Tito's policeman

Sir: It was most heartening to read your sensible and objective appreciation con- cerning the visit of the Prime Minister of Yugoslavia, Mr Mitja Ribicic. to this coun- try, written by Mr Tibor Szamuely (21 February). It is high time such political courage and integrity was shown by our political writers and your exposure of the fact that the present Yugoslav Prime Minister was responsible for the massacre of thousands of people should be warmly ap- plauded. It is high time we stopped bowing to those who are nothing more than criminals at large.

I am one of those few people who survived those massacres and know how it all hap- pened. Unlike so many others, I was lucky to escape on the eve of the day when almost 2,000 of my anti-Titoist friends were massacred, because they refused to accept a cruel and bloody dictatorship. Perhaps one day we may be able to publish fuller details of what happened during those eventful months in 1945. Some of them are available for publication, if wanted. Suffice it to say this time that many of those victims of Mitja Ribicic and his assistants were in fact sent back to Yugoslavia by Tito's friends, who were doing his job at that time, mainly from Austria. Some of them Mr Ribicic is coming to decorate for services rendered during that same period. Indeed, he and President Tito owe them so much; twenty-five years later they are still paying back. Let us, therefore, not pretend that here we have a 'liberal' Communist representative, but expose him for what he is—`Mitja the Murderer', as your contributor so rightly put it. Con- gratulations for this brave and overdue ex- posure!

Z. R. Prvulocich Senior Lecturer in Education, West Mid- lands College of Education, Gorway, Walsall, Staffs