7 MARCH 1970, Page 26

Pride of place

Sir: Hurrah for Mr R. L. Traverse of the Army and Navy Club whose letter appeared in your issue of 21 February. I retired from 'gainful employment' in 1948 at the age of fifty, after thirty-two years of desul- tory employment here and there, and like him I never regret it.

In 1948 I thought, wrongly as it turned out, that I could live in modest comfort, for another forty years. I did not foresee the rapid and continuous rise in the cost of living. However, if my modest standard has been cut, I still have no 'problem of leisure'.

For living I chose an agreeable climate. I have my little occupations and obligations. My social life is almost too full. For more than twenty years I have had time—time to read, time to write letters, time to take advantage of the sun, of the shade, of the town, of the country, and most attractive of all, time to put off until tomorrow or the day after what I don't feel inclined for today. And I have never been bored. I am sorry for people who can't 'take' retirement.

T. N. Besstinger 24 Avenue Villabois-Mareuil, 06, Nice, France