7 MAY 1831, Page 10


STOCK ExcnAtecr, FRIDAY EVENINO.-This Market has exhibited a very rapid and unexpected change this week ; prices having advanced from 79, the opening price of Tuesday last, to 803, which was obtained both yesterday and to-day. This change is variously accounted for ; but is probably owing to the conjunction of several otherwise distinct causes, one of which is the continued advance in the price of Stock at Paris, where the 3 per Cents., lately at 46, have reached 62, and the Scrip of the new loan is at 5 per cent. premium. The recent sales of Exchequer Bills appear to be finished, or at least suspended, as the prices of those securitie, are higher, viz. 8s. to 103. premium. Money Stock, too, which it was thought the ex penses of elections would bring to Market, has again become scarce, and the rumours of an advance on the rate of discount at the Bank, have died away. The result of the elections, so far as they have yet proceeded, may also have had some effect ; but the causes which we have already enumerated, and the fears, perhaps, of the Bears, that the evil which they desire may not occur, have chiefly occasioned the rise which has occurred. That a further or more considerable rise should occur is quite possible, in the present state of the account, but not, we think, very pro- bable.

In the Foreign Market, there has been no business worth describing ; but prices have generally followed the advance of Consols, and Russian, Danish, and Brazilian are severally higher. Spanish Bonds, and those of the South American States, continue. as well as Shares, to be greatly neglected at present. The closing price of Consols is 8033.

SATURDAY, HALF-PAST TWELVE.-Consols opened at 803, were done at S03 and then fell to 803, with very little business, until a few minutes ago, when the price suddenly advanced to 803, 3, without any particular news that we have beard of. They are now a trifle lower.-In the Foreign Market there is no business.- French Scrip, 4 to 5 premium.

Bank Stock .... 200 Buenos Ayres...

3 per Cent. Red. 783 Chilian . ... 20 21

3 per Cent. Cons. 801 3 Colombian . 143 15

33 per Cent. New 893 iJ Danish...... .. 603

Consols for Acct. 80$ 3333 Greek.. ..... 20 22

Long Annuities 163 3 Mexican ....... 36 Ex. Bills, 10001. 8 5 Peruvian ....... 133 141 India Bonds 2 pm. Portuguese ..... 95 46

Brazilian ....... 59 3 Russian........ 913 92 Spanish.. ..... 163 3

Ditto, New SHARES.

Bolanos Brazilian . 52 53 Columbian ... - Anglo Blexi can - United Mexican 9 10