7 MAY 1831, Page 12


Tuesday, May 3.


PARKES and Co. Goscate Ironworks, Staffordshire; as far as regards PAREES- PARSES and OTWAY, Capon-field Ironworks, Staffordshire-STANANOUGHT and Rico, Liverpool, sinters-Tr:TIN and THOMAS, Birmingham, architects-S. and H. SuAw, Higher Ardwick, Lancashire, publicans-FLETCIIER and Co. Liverpool, merchants ; as far as regards FLE.TC8ER-GREF.NwOOD and RUFFLE, Roswell, Essex, farmers-DovAsToer and Tc no Llandrinid, Montgomeryshire, surgeons- PRICE and HUTTON, Cheapside, tobacconists-S. and I. DANES, Wcdnesbury, Staffordshire, and T. DANES, Nottingham, hinge and screw-makers.-JAcssoN and LEE, Lento!), Nottinghamshire, lace-machine-builders-S. and J. S. Pie mei NS, Towcester, Northamptonshire, millers-FR oost and CRIBB, Strand, looking-glass- raanufactnrers-DixoN and EIANmss, Manchester, corn-dealers-J. and J. T. INGHAM, Thornhill, Yorkshire, workers of collieries-WILLIAMS and FE lax, Tot- tenham Court Road, tea• dealers-VENN and Mona! L, Goswell Street, Clerkenwell, Lair-dressers-SUERWEN and WEsrav, Whitehaven, Cumberland, mercers- Youzeo and PEIRSON Wakefield, common-brewers-Seer:GER and Honosow, Carlisle Street, Soho, oil-merchants-TAYLOR and HINE, Liverpool. auctioneers- HOYLE and Co. Bury and Manchester, w•oollen•manufacturers-WHITTARER and Co. Horton, Yorkshire; common-brewers-LEVI SON and LEVASON, Gower Street, Bedford Square, surgeon-dentists-EWER and Co Garrett Lane, Wandsworth, and King Street, Cheapside, silk-printers-HAwOrterB and Co. Shawclough, Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers-COLE and Co. Twickenham, brewers; as far as regards FRANCIS-HuMPUEREY and Pisinny, carpenters-H. E. and S. EMANUEL. and CAMPS, Great Prescott Street, Goodman's Fields, furriers.


BAVLY, EDWARD, and SMART, ROBERT, BaS1ll8ba1l Street, warehousemen,

May 3 . . KING, JOHN, Bath, victualler, May 3.

hvo N. JAMES WALTER, Macclesfield Street North and Dalby Terrace, City Road.

brewer, May 2 RtcnARDsoN,GBodeE, Derby, wharfinger, May 3. BANKRUPTS.

BaDDOMS, Jossraus, Manchester, drysalter, to surrender May 16, 17, Jane 14:

solicitors, Messrs. Hurd and Johnson, Temple ; and Messrs. Hadfield and Grave, Manchester. BURTON, Fft BD E RICK CHARLES, High Holborn, glass-cutter, May 13, 20, June 14: solicitors, Messrs. Fyson and Beck. Lothbury. COULTHAR 0, WILLIAM, Brocklebank, Cumberland, cattle-dealer, May 19, 20, . June 14 : solicitors, Mr. Harrison, King's Arms Yard, Coleman Street ; and Dlr. Stamper, Wigton. Dova, MICHAEL, Maidstone grocer, May 13, 20, June 14 : solicitor, Mr. Dods, Northumberland Street, Strand. G a ale, ALEXANDER MOUNT, Crewkerne, Somersetshire, wine-merchant, May 10, '20, June 14 : solicitor, Mr. Atkins, Fox-Ordinary Coast, Nicholas Lane. 11ExTore, WILLIAM, Nottingham, grocer, May 10, 11. June 14: solicitors, Mr. Tomkin, Essex Court, Temple ; and Mr. Watson, Sheffield. Jo 11 NaT ON, JOHN, and liArcesit, THOMAS, Leeds, drapers, May 24. 25, June 14 : solicitors, Mr. Dunn, Raymond Buildings, Gray's Inn ; and Mr. Wilson, New- cas ie-upon-Tyne. JONES, ROWLAND, Combat, hosier, May 10, 20, June 14: solicitor, Mr. Tucker, 13asinghall Street. Os B o a s:E, Jolts!, jun. Epperstone, Nottinghamshire, surgeon, May 16, 17, June 14 : solicitor, Mr. Flower, Mansfield. PALFR E Y MAN, CHARLES, Manchester, and Crag, Cheshire, calico-printer, May 16, 17, June i4: solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Parry, Temple; and Messrs. Walker and Jesse, Manchester. POTTER, CHARLES and Ens' usrn, and ROBERTS, SAMUEL, Manchester, and Hinting, Derbyshire, calico-printers, May 18, 19, June 14 : solicitors, Messrs. Milne and Parry. Temple ; and Messrs. Kay and Darbishire, Manchester. POTTER, JOHN, Manchester, and MAunii, WILLIAM, Darwen, Lancashire,calico- printers, May 19, 20, June 14: solicitors, Messrs. Hurd and Johnson, Temple ; and Messrs. Hadfield and Grave, Fountain Street, Manchester. SANDERS, JOSEPH, LattliCestoll, Cornwall, tallow-chandler, May 16, 17, June 14: solicitors, Mr. Curtis, New Bridge Street, Blackfriars ; and Mr. Pearse, Launceston. WHITE, Joni:, Ingham, Derbyshire, chandler, May 23, 24, June 14 : solicitor, Mr. Wragg, Bedford Place, Southwark Bridge Road.


May 26, Nagington, Bilston, Staffordshire, victualler—May 26, Cromack, Armley, Yorkshire, cloth-manufacturer—May 31, Rocke, Courtoff Hill, Worcestershire, horse-dealer—May 26, Burton, Nottingham, stone mason—May 28, Whereat, nom- sey, Hampshire, ironmonger—June 3, Harrington, Stanway, Essex, victualler—May 25, Atkinson, jun. Sculcoates, Yorkshire, grocer—May 25, Smith, Birmingham, .brass candlestick-maker.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before May 24.

Lloyd, Peckham Rye, victualler—Wooding, Duckett Street, Stepney, baker— Jones, Manchester, merchant—Mayor, Burscough, Lancashire, corn-merchant- Squires, Liverpool, corn-dealer—Thomas, Abercarile, Monmouthshire, grocer.


CriAcsi En s, Tiro:ass, and Son, Glasgow, smiths, May 13, June 3. BEID, ANDREW PATERSON, and Co. Glasgow, merchants, May 7, 12.

Friday, May 6.


J. and T. Coossort, Staveley, Westmoreland, bobbin-turners—Cooss ore and Son, Staveley, Westmoreland, manufacturers—GRUBB and Son, Harrow Road, Paddington, plumbers—TItEIIERN and BAKER, New Inn, attornies —HAMM OND and CUTLER, Clayton, school-mistresses — FRANKISH and HUNTER, Staxton, Yorkshire, cattle-jobbers—MoucToN and HERVEY, Norman Street, St. Luke's, iron-founders—W. and P. HARDWICK, Banbury, Oxfordshire, druggists—Fortis and Son, Wotton-under-Edge, Gloucestershire, clothiers—BASS and CARTER, Burton- on-Trent—W. and R. ItosisucE, Sheffield, whitesmiths—LANFEAR and Ni Maiden Lane, glove-manufacturers—TowNcEv and To WNEND, Cateaton Street, hat-manufacturers—THWAITES and Co. London, West India merchants; as far as regards THWAITES—COOKsoN and POWELL, St. Philip and Jacob, Gloucestershire, glass bottle-manufacturers—WALKER and DiMOCtNC, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, manu- facturers of pianofortes-31sAcocE and HULSE, Noble Street, Cheapside, manu- facturers of surgeons' instruments — TAYLOR and GARR Y, Manchester, iron- faunders—LonoEs and Haan's, Preston, attornies ; as far as regards LODGE- WEBBER and HOWARD, Ipswich, seed-merchauts—WILLIA3LS and Co. Redruth, copper-merchants.


MACHLACHLAN, Jonsr, and MACI NTY RE, Dos:Ain, Sun Court, Cornhill, mer- Chants, May 6.

VANDER STEEN, JOSEPH, London Road, tinman, May 6.



WH/TFIE LH, ROBERT, Acre Lane, Brixton, American-merchant.


CHRISTIE, ALEXANDER, Sheffield, engineer, to surrender May 12, 13, June -17 : solicitors, Mr. Tattershall, Garden Court, Temple; and Messrs. Tattershall and Co. Sheffield.

DAV IES, ROBERT, Little Pulteney Street, broker, May 13, 20, June 17 : solicitor, Mr. Young, Devonshire Street, Queen Square.

DEANE, MARMADUKE WI LLIA51, George Street, Richmond, Surry, tea-dealer, May 13, 24, June 17: solicitor, Mr. Davison, Bread Street, Cheapside.

Fu LLElt, JOHN, Swansea, Glamorganshire, tailor, May 16, 17, June 17: solicitors, Mr. White, Lincoln's Inn ; and Messrs. Bevan and Brittan, Bristol.

HARRISON, WILLIAM, Pickering Maresbes, Yorkshire, horse-dealer, May 23, 24, June 17: solicitors, Messrs. Hicks and Marris, Gray's Inn Square; and Messrs. Walker, New Mutton. HAsr, WILLIAM, Vine Street, Minories, merchant, May 10, 17, June 17 : solicitor, Mr. Hudson, Old Jewry.

KING, CHARLES, Ipswich, innkeeper, May 12, 23, June 17: solicitors, Messrs. Few and Co. Henrietta Street, Covent Garden ; and Mr. Pretyman, Ipswich.

K Ruin, JAMES, Worcester, bookseller, May 19, 20, June 15: solicitors, Mr. Rocke, Devonshire Street, Queen Square ; and Mr. France, Worcester. LANSDOWN, THOMAS POWELL, Chalon, Somersetshire, victualler. May 16, 17, June 17 : solicitor, Mr. Henderson, Surrey Street, Strand ; and Mr. Gooiden, Bristol. LEYLAND, Henn, Ashton, Lancashire, maltster, May 24, 25, June 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Adlington and Co. Bedford Row; and Mr. Massey, Liverpool.

MEYER, JOHN Fa IED E R I CR, Poland Street, Oxford Street, victualler, May 17, 20. June 17: solicitor, Mr. Noel, Carey Street, Lincoln's Inn. READ, ORLANDO Ect, Kingston-upon-Hull, draper, May 18, 19, June 17: solici- tors, Messrs. Hurd end Johnson, Temple ; and Mr. Brackenbury, Manchester. Rom NS ON, THOMAS, Anchor and Hope Alley, St. George's-in-the-East, tallow- chandler, May 13, 17, June 17 : solicitor, Mr. Thomson, George Street, Minories. SANSUM, JOHN, Gravel Lane, Southwark, victualler, May 10, 17, June 17: soli- citor, Mr. Fleathcote, Coleman Street.

SEAG ELL, Joni, Beckenham, Kent, victualler, May 13, 17, June 17 : solicitors, Messrs. Sheppard and Co. Cloak Lane.

Signal's:, ROBERT, Budge Row, ironmonger, May 17, 27, June 17: solicitor, Mr. Hodgson, Broad Street Buildings. WILLIAMS, Jousr, Stepney, victualler, May 10, 27, June 17: solicitors, Messrs. Tandercom and Co. Bush Lane, Cannon Street.

ni 'mizzens.

May 20, Sedgwick and Hearn, Billiter Street, merchants—May 27, Turner, Great Dover Road, carver and gilder—May 27, Dunn, Hatton Garden, perfumer—May 13, Bourne, Norwich, woollen-draper—May 27, Richardson, Taunton, haberdasher— May 27, Wilkinson, London, merchant—May 27, Overbury, Cateaton Street, whole- sale woollen-draper—May 27, H. .L and W. Humpluis, Fleet Street, druggists- May.30,Sylvester, Witney, Oxfordshire, currier-40.no 1, Taylor, York, innkeeper.


To be granted, unless cause be shown to the contrary, on or before May 27. Sloxam, Hinckley, Leicestershire, surgeon—Oakden, Rodsley, Derbyshire, flax- -manufacturer—Wise, Coleshill Street, Hanover Square, victualler—Rioting,. Pope's Head Alley, Cornhill, merchant—Chorit, Lamb's Conduit Street, Red Lion Square, trunk-maker—Crow, Bedford Court, Covent Garden, tailor—Cooke, ChtirchPassage, Lothbury, stockbroker.


GILCHRIST, Jonsr and THOMAS, Lonend, near Paisley, dyers, May 9, 24. ROBERTSON, JAME% Huntley, builder, May 11,25.. WATSON, MATTS LW, Glasgow, wine-merchant, May 9, 23.