7 MAY 1831, Page 12


• WAR-OFFICE, May 3.-4th Regt. of Dragoon Guards : Cornet L. Place to be Isieut. by purchase, vice Fitzroy, who retires ; A. B. E. Houldsworth, Gent. to be C om e t by purchase, vice Place-13th Regt. of Light Dragoons : to be Lients. by • purchase : Cornet T. G. Durdin, vice Wetherell, promoted ; Cornet R. Hackett, glee Ogilvie, promoted-=lobe Cornet by purchase: J. E. Bradshaw, Gene rice ]Hackett-1st Grenadier Regt. of Foot Guards : Capt. Lord C. Wellesley, from the Rifle Brigade, to be Lieut. and Capt: vice Hulse, who exehanges-1 I th Regt. of Foot : Ens. B. C. Mitford to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Fyers, who retires ; A. Browne, Gent. to be Ens. by purchase, vice Mitford-12th Foot : Capt. J. Paterson,- from the half-pay, to be Capt. vice E. H. Hunt, toll° exchanges-22nd not H. Waller, Gent. to be Ens. by purcheae, vice Flanagan, appointed to the 76th Eteot-- 33rd Foot : D. F. Longworth, Gent. to be Ens. by purchase, vice Graham.pra- moted-40th Foot : J. J. Morris, Gent. to be Ens. without purchase, vice Wood, appointed to the 48th Foot-44th Foot: Ens. J. Pennington to be Lieut. without purchase, vice Scott, promoted: Ens. W G. White, from the 48th Foot, to be Ens. vice Pennington ; Lieut. A. 1V. Gray to be Adjutant, vice Scott, promoted-4611t Foot : J. G. Ferns, Gent. to be Ens. without purchase, vice Campbell, promoted- 48th Foot : Ens. J. S. Wood, from the 4011; Foot, to be Ens. vice White, appointed to the 44th Foot-57th Foot : Gent. Cutlet F. H. Worsley, from the Royal Military College, to be Ens. by purchase, vice 'framer, promoted-69th Foot : Capt. R. Brookes to be Maj. by purchase vice Johns, who retires ; Lieut. E. Bolton to be Capt. by purchase, vice Brookes; Ens. G. J. B. Hankey to be Lieut. be purchase, vice Bolton-70th Foot : Ens 0. F. C. Scott to be Lieut. by purcheee, vice Hilde- brand, who retires; Ens. J. B. Fianagen, from The 22nd Foot, to be Ewe. vice Scott ; Lieut. S. B. Ross to be Adj. vice Hildebrand. who resigns-81st Foot : Capt. R. Logan, from the hale-pay, to be Capt. vice J • Ogilvy; who exchanges-93rd Foot : E. G. Nicolay, Gent. to be Ens. by purchase. vice Jephsen, nem reereee-Ritle Bri- gade : Lieut. and Capt. C. Hulse), from the let or Grenadier Beet. of Foot Guards, to be Capt. vice Lord C. Wellesley, who exchanges-Ceylon Regt. : Second Lieut. S. N. Burriss to be First Lieut. by purchase, vice Delancey, promoted ; it. E. W. Horton, Gent. to be Second Lieut. by purchase, vice Hurries.

Unattached : To be Lapis. of Infantry, by purchase : Lieut. .T. Wetherell, front the 13th Light Dragoons ; -Lieut. 0. Delancey, from the Ceylon ltegt.; Lieut. J. 0. Ogilvie, front the 13th Light Dragoons.

Memorandum : The undermentioned officers have been allowed to retire from the service, by the sale of unattached companies :-Capt. T. Jones. half-pay Iinattached ; Capt. It. Despard, half-pay Nova Scotia Fencibles ; Capt. E. F. Davis, half-pay Sth Foot.