7 MAY 1831, Page 18


B/ OGRAPR Y.. I Mackenzie's Life of Thomas Muir, 1 Esq. Advocate POETRY Mrs. Prowse's Poems .........

Patriot Minktry. . .

Deakin's Deliverance of Switzerland. 1 Second Edition Byron's Poems ..Vol.5 St.

RURAL E CO- Cottager's Own Book NOM FICTION 'Fleck's Tales The Twelve Nights Green's A libeg the Tempter 4 Vols. To PO RA P Y Leigh's Welsh Guide Interpreter I Hooker's Botanical Miscellany. Parts

BOTANY 1 IV. and V. with 4to. Plates, coloured I MINERALOGY Murray's Memoir on the Diamond... PERIODICAL Campbell's Metropulitan No. I.

Li TE H.AT U1iE / Englishman No.IL

M'Phun, Glasgow.

Smith and Elder. Sherwood and Co, Smith and Elder. 6Murray.


Whittaker and Co. Newman and CO.




Longman and Co.

Cochran and Co. Hurst and Co.