7 MAY 1831, Page 19

We have read with considerable interest this number of the

Botanical Miscellany, by Professor HOOKER: it not only shows great activity in the particular branch of science, but indulges the more general sympathies and wider interests of human charac- ter and natural scenery. The autobiographical papers of Captain CARMICHAEL are interesting, and we look for their continu; ation with expectation. The notice of Mr. BARCLAY of Bury Hill is gratifying ; and the interchange of scientific good offices between him and Mr. TELFAIR of the Mauritius, as shown in the excellent letter of Mr. TELFAIR received just after the death of !Mr. BARCLAY, is pleasing to a scientific and bene- volent spirit. The _account of the expedition to the Altaic Mountains is good; as is also the excursion from Lima to Pasco—not to mention several other papers of the same quality. The plates to:-this work are executed on a scale of great expense and splendour, and deserve, with the letterpress, the patronage of every lover of science.