7 MAY 1831, Page 19

We strongly recommend the Welsh Guide, published by Lama . in

the Strand, as a well-drawn-up and complete body of informa- tion for tourists in Wales. It is accompanied by an Interpreter, after the manner of Madame GENUS' French Interpreter. The Welsh is a most uncouth-looking language, and the attempt to spell it as pronounced certainly does not improve its appearance. The book, however. may he useful,—if the tourist can find a pea- sant who will stand the fire. We are afraid the Welshman, su- perstitious and ignorant, when, after he has pronounced his eternal Dim Sassenach, sees a little pistol-like volume pulled out upon him, will hardly wait to hear the traveller murder his native lan- guage, under the apprehension that his intentions are levelled against his life rather than his tongue.