7 MAY 1831, Page 8

The new King of Sardinia, Cyprus, and Jerusalem, is a

distant cousin of the two last Kings, VICTOR EMANUEL, and his brother CHARLES FELIX (commonly called Carlo Feroce, on account of his cruelty to the Liberals). This Prince of Savoy Carignan was untitled by the French Revolution, and, as a mere boy, served in NAPOLEON'S army. On the restoration of VICTOR EstAisum. in 1814, he was brought from Paris to Turin, and provided with a Pg overnor, who was instructed to qualify him for the throne of Piedmont, by instilling into him all the notions of the ancien re- me. The governor's exertions were not successful, for, in 1820, the Prince (who had meanwhile married a daughter of the Grand Duke of Tuscany) placed himself at the head of the Piedmontese - Revolution: When the Austrians marched into Piedmont and

scattered the Constitutionalists, the Prince took refuge with his father-in-law. His adherents were tried by military commissions, and sentenced to flogging, banishment, imprisonment, and death ; and he remained in Tuscany until 1823, when he was persuaded to join the Duke of ADIGOVLEME in his attack on the Spanish Con- stitutionalists. Having been present at the fight of Trocadero, he was considered regenerated, and was allowed to return to Turin ; where he has resided ever since, suspected by the Ultra- Loyalist party and execrated by the Liberals.